Saturday, November 19, 2011

His belt

I feel I have so much to write and I need to sort it in my head. Life has been hectic, my husband unwell. I resent these times I am ashamed to say. I try to survive with yoga and time alone in my head. I am torn between wanting to run and needing to stay..but all that aside, that is just life isn't it?

Sometimes all I feel I need is a man to take charge of me and bend me over his knee.

That's it, just my whinge, now on with the business at hand.


She lay on the bed on her stomach. She lay breathing deeply, where she had landed after their evening out where they took food and wine. Her head was spinning a little as she slipped further into sleep.
Her dress had ridden up, her panties on display and her red patent strappy sandals on her feet.

He looked at her lying silently on his bed. He was still hard from the drive home where he enjoyed her playfulness as she hooked her red heels up on the dash, legs splayed, her hand massaging his groin, bringing him to life. Such a delicious little slut. He raised his fingers to smell her on them. Her scent lingered. He had impaled her on the drive home, her pelvis moved forward encouraging him deeper. She was his good lil slut.

His belt slid from its belt hoops. He undressed. His eyes not leaving his sleeping whore. Her blond locks curled around her naturally full lips.

He laid his belt next to her on the bed. His hand slid up her thighs..Damn she was sexy...and she knew it. She knew He would be aroused, the heels, the panties. She was a tease. He loved that about His slut.

His fingers hooked around her sleeping arse and slid her panties down removing them completely.

He picked up his belt dragged it over her naked bottom. He raised his arm and brought it down hard and sharp. The sting made her scream in surprise and pain all at once. He did it again, and again. Her hands shot back to cover and protect her bottom. The belt stung the palms of her hands.

"Move your hands. Do I really need to tell you this girl?"

Her wits returning as sleep slid away, she took her hands from her bottom.

Tears wet her cheeks and juices wet her thighs. Begging him to stop. He brought his hands to her hips and pulled her to him. Pushing himself inside her, her tears making him harder still. She was his, her slickness told him so. He pulled away to admire her glowing arse, the welts, the marks that she had given to him in her submission.


He lay behind her, he had punished her bottom with his belt and brought her to begging tears. She loved being reduced to tears. Never did she feel more vulnerable, more His than when He let His cruel self rule his actions.

He had fucked her but was not finished with her. He reached to her nipples. They were hard with her anticipation and excitement. She could stand it no longer. The belt, his desire, he had pulled her hair to view face and her reaction to the sting of his belt. She reached her hand behind her and taking his cock in her hot small hand guided him to her throbbing puckered pink hole. She begged him in that one movement to take her in the way that melted her completely into her vulnerability and submission. She was His. She only belonged to him. She would belong to him for as long as he allowed. She need him and his domination in the same way she needed the air he allowed her to breathe.

He came in her arse in a rush of heat..and she was grateful to Him for making her His.


  1. What a hot story. I'm soory things are tough at your home. I understand the feeling. Thank you for sharing the sexy story though.


  2. I can totally relate to the husband thing, and I'm sorry for you, it's not a fun place to be!

    Very hot story... I loved it!

  3. I am so sorry you're having a rough time on the home front. I hope it improves soon.

    Amazing story, thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Mikki & Married, thank you for your support. I didn't expect that but wow, kindness is always very humbling.

    I'm pleased you liked my story..i need to write these things down, to remember them and remind me that all is not lost on my journey..usually filled with


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