Sunday, November 20, 2011


He heard her coming. He knew that sound. The click click of his sluts come fuck me heels on the concrete floor.

Initiative was something he enjoyed in her. She constantly let him know when and what she thought she needed.

*smiling wryly* 

He was not a true Dominant man, there were degrees of dominance he supposed but he loved his slut for all she was and wanted to give her everything she needed. That's why he was allowing her to seek a true Master. Tonight though, He would give her what she needed.

She came to him corseted and in heels. Those sky high black patent leather peep toe shoes she could barely walk in.

Her full breasts spilled over her corseted waist. He loved her torso restrained. He loved how her curves were liberated around the cincture. Her hips and breasts accentuated by the silken boned garment. In her hand swinging delicately by her side was the suede flogger that would later be layed in harsh brutality across her arse.


She was bent from the hips in front of the bed. Her hands balancing her body over the bed. Her heeled feet anchored to the ground.

The flogger came down across her arse.


Her voice was strong and grateful. He was starting slowly tonight. He would build it as he listen to her counting. The sting was building. He could hear it in her voice.


Her voice became quieter and more breathless as the strokes increased. At twenty he paused to rub the pinkness of her bottom. He slid his fingers to her cunt. As he slowly finger fucked her and she elicited a small moan. He removed his shirt to continue. She could hear the material slide from his body and she feared she knew what this meant. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw him take a step back and raise his arm to the heavens before he would bring the flogger down harder and faster. She gasped and readied herself for more.

He stung her bottom, just below the small of her back, and her thighs. The welts rose in unison with his cock. Damn he loved the pink of the sting. He loved to inflict these welts on his willing slut.

'Twenty nine'

As the blows became stronger and sometimes faster in rhythm she hesitated, catching her breath she continued to count though stumbling over her words.

At forty tears were welling in her eyes. She was squirming but stood fast. He rubbed her stinging buttocks, a short cessation while she caught her breath. At each interval he slid more easily into her willing cunt. She showed him she was ready for more by bending from the hips and clasping her ankles, the crown of her head pointing to the floor. You had to love her (and her Yoga practice) he thought to himself, his lips curling slightly at the corners.

The next ten were hard and fast. At fifty he rubbed her arse and slid his fingers with little effort into her dripping wetness. He wiped the ooze from his cock over her buttocks, it glistened on her soft and by now reddened skin. He had learned to let himself love the tears in her eyes as she continued to give herself to him.

'Fifty-three', whispered.

'Fifty-four', barely audible.

'Fifty-five'. All had gone quiet in between blows and now he was striking her with almost no restraint. He had never seen her reach this level.


She was aware of her breathing. Aware of the sting, but it wasn't hurting anymore. She was aware of the incredible peace and relaxation she was beginning to feel. Her mind was working fast. She was aware of thinking. What was she thinking about she wondered?


She was thinking about the feel of the flogger across her bottom. The sense of pleasure and the absence of pain now. She was so aware yet the awareness was right inside herself like she was separate from the event happening. She was almost floating but not quite. She was aware she was standing, her torso doubled over to her thighs but she had no idea how she was able to maintain this position. Even when practicing Yoga this position required a certain amount of her conscious effort. She had lost that consciousness and was just waiting for the next blow.


Floating, wishing this would never end, she could feel herself slipping more deeply into this consciousness. Each blow pushed her gently down.




His hands on her hips, he pushed into her. She moaned and took him first in her slick wet pussy, her heat wrapping him in her perfectness. He pushed into her arse, he left his seed in her tight little hole.
He lay her on the bed, holding her..

'Good girl' he whispered to his slut.


  1. Damn woman, you write so HAWT stuff.

  2. My, my, my, little one. You have described the most perfect evening in my mind. There are some mighty hungers in you.



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