Friday, November 11, 2011

FIVE things


Trembling in anticipation, I slip my panties off at the table as I look into your eyes I sit pretty, bare bottom on the hard wood chair. Red flushing through my cheeks, my eyes glistening with embarrassment and excitement. Handing my panties to you under the table you raise them squished into a little ball in the palm of your hand to your nose. You taste my excitement, feel my wetness. You lower you hand to your top pocket, then looking at me you change your mind, there is a glint in your eye as you reach back over the table place my panties delicately over the supper plate laid out in front of me. They must stay there until you say otherwise.

My face is flushed, I am dying inside but so very excited as I glance around to see if any other diners have seen. I can smell myself..I wonder if the waiter can detect my slut odour as he fills my glass with the wine. He cannot help but noticed the panties. I avoid his look and I feel nauseous wondering how you could do this to me on our first meeting.

In the crowded restaurant you reach over and brush my cheek with your fingers.

"Open your mouth."

I part my lips.


I open my mouth wide.

Your fingers slide into my wet mouth. They probe deeply, touching my tongue, inside of my cheek, slowly, feeling every pink softness. The other diners and the restaurant staff are noticing. The red flush returns to my cheeks.


My eye widen slightly, but I cannot resist and my eyes close as I feel the breadth of your rough fingers in my mouth. The coarseness on my rose soft lips.

With each small test I am mortified and aroused. I wriggle in my chair getting wetter and needing to touch. Needing to be touched. Needing Daddy, for whom I have waited so long.

In your car I sit as you have always required, bare arsed on the leather seat, legs apart. The warm night air rushes through the open window as the car slips through the humid night.
You drive, your finger probing my slick clit.
My little button engorged and excited.
My nipples erect through my thin blouse.
I am unable to hide.
Ready to cum, needing to let go.
Drippng on the smooth leather seat.
Blindfolded, my eyes covered. 
Tethered, my hands in front of me.
Walked, led through the bush, soft underfoot.
The humid night air flowing into my lungs.
Trying to keep up with your long stride.
I fall.
Your hand hooks me by my upper arm dragging me to me feet.

"Not far now, young lady."

My breathlessness grows heavy.
I have trusted you all this time and now, in our first meeting I am beginning to waiver.
My courage is diminished.
I feel myself more and more vulnerable.
My predicament clear.
The heat between my legs is becoming intense.
I lose my breath as I try to keep up with you striding through the darkness.
The twigs and small branches are whipping my legs, scrapping my face.
The sting of them sending me into a space in my head that I never want to leave.

The fear of the immediate future, palpable in my throat, begins to give way to the eroticism of anticipation.
The space is dark, alive with the sounds of the night.
 My feet bare on the hard stone floor.
I hear the snap of cotton breaking. 
My skirt button pops and falls to the floor with a hollow tapping bounce.
I hear my skirt zipper, feel the loose soft cotton around my waist and then a sharp RIP.
My skirt is taken from my waist in one movement revealing my bare bottom.
I can feel your eyes burning into my skin.

"Legs apart girl."

Not quick enough I feel a sharp slap to my thigh encouraging me to follow this simple instruction.

Your hands from behind me slide to my waist and up to my breasts still clad in blouse and bra.
Some small protection from the embarrassment I am suffering with my dripping pussy exposed to the coolness of the air as it touches my slick heat.

My blouse is torn from my body. 
Then the cold metal which you hinted at earlier as my skirt button popped from my waist takes my breath away.
Trembling again not know whether it is with fear or...

The hard steel slides between my breasts. 
A deft hand slices my bra.
Breasts swing free.
A sharp breath in and shoulder straps are quickly gone.

I stand naked before you hands tethered, blindfolded.

"On your knees...Kowtow."

Happily, quickly and smoothly I am positioned to display myself for you, for your inspection, for your use, for your pleasure, for Daddy...

My introduction to you.

photo: unknown artist (sourced from the Internet)


  1. Very hot!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks Mikki and thank you for stopping by.


  3. WOW. Very erotic writing. Hope you keep it up. You have a knack for it.


  4. thanks FD and thanks for dropping by xx

  5. Very HOT, little one. That is so what I need...


  6. Hello William
    Long time..take it and show your girl..maybe..:)


  7. Wow, that was very intense, well done.

  8. wow, very hot and spicy, thank you for sharing your writing with us.

    blossom x


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