Saturday, October 22, 2011

TTWD... this little thing I do

What is it This Thing We Do?
What magic does it hold?
What delight does it encompass?
This little Thing We Do?

This little thing I do brings energy breathless to my breast.
This little thing I do makes me titter like a girlish mess.
This little thing I do washes contrition down my cheek,
and then it makes me whole again, this little thing I do.

This little thing I do is my secret from those who call 'obscure'.
Threatening status quo and women's rights it is supposed.
This little thing I do is understood by many,
the romance of submission, the enduringness of a little she,
is coveted by many though for most is quite rejected.

This little thing I do, it centres at my core,
a thermite explosion,
a bomb of white hot spark burning deep inside me,
this little thing I do.

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