Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sunday too far away

This title means nothing. Just a thought though it could be that its Tuesday. The car broke down, work is ramping up to that impossible speed, Daddy has been away, though distant geographically anyway and hubby P is not so well these days.

Mummy, partner, worker, lil' girl, princess slut, Daddy's girl and good girl...that's me.

I can see it getting easier, this journey. Clearer. The girl is getting more brave..this week!

To the whip club next! She found a club online and she itches to get there. In another city far away, I asked P if he would come with me. He wasn't sure at first, I could tell even though he never said.

Slowly planting the seed, 'hmmm' (Not too threatening I think to myself). Its hard leading, as many of the sub sisters will attest (and not very submissive says the collective Dom brain in the world).

So, in preparation I have begun to shop for just the right outfit...just in case we book that plane ticket. Pretty princess slut things. In readiness to wiggle her arse.

So many delicious things. Corsets, leather or lace, fishnets, heels, collar & leash. Or naked breasts & bottom. Naked bottom is a must even if it is hidden by a short(ish) skirt, or sheer see through number.

Can you tell I've never been to an event? So how does one dress for a public club where spanking and dancing are encouraged, where tying and titillation is endorsed?

The nerves catch in the back of my throat from all the possibilities that may lay ahead. 


  1. Your adventures have certainly taken some unexpected twists and turns. And yes, I agree, the sub is not very submissive!

  2. I'd have to say the red shoes in the pic are a must have! : ) Thoughts are with you my friend!


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