Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daddy's needs

I was directed to the latest post over at little butterfly. This post resonated with me. The frustration resonated. 

She is fortunate enough to have her Dom, her Daddy living with her. I took a stroll over to her Daddy's blog and found an almost distressed Daddy. Concerned with their direction, concerned with her performance as his obedient girl, concerned with his performance as her Daddy and questioning his worth as a Daddy. Frankly on that note, what a brave man to say all those things out loud. What a brave Dom to admit the things he has said out loud to blog land.

Sometimes, no! all the time, I want to expect another to take control, to be in control, to know all the answers and take all the pressure. Dom men are human beings (obvious) and must be cared for. Is it not my responsibility to make sure that I act in a way that enables his strength to emerge? To not continually challenge his decisions, to not take control, act up, be bratty? Perhaps this is where a woman's contemporary upbringing is her own worst enemy. Letting go of the need to be the strong independent woman she has been and allow herself to be His girl. Maybe this is the learning that is the toughest. I know it is for me.

How does a girl take care of her Dom, Daddy, Master. How does his mental and emotional strength remain so when His joy becomes a burden. When he is to be the One in control, the go to person, the strong one in control of His girl. ( I have been quite sexist in describing the D/s gender relationship in the way I have. I am lazy and acknowledge that my question applies to a wider gender relationship spectrum).

I would particularly like to hear from the Dom's amongst you as well as the sub sisters.

Clara Bow "true t the Navy"

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  1. I love the picture. Daddy was Navy and the uniform still makes me crazy. :)


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