Friday, September 30, 2011

today is another day

It is another day,  

I have done something I thought I would never ever do.
A milestone





and terribly, terribly submissive

I am hoping like hell my trust has been laid at the right mans feet.

Still wondering why I did what I did
Why I exposed everything that is me to him..after all He is a correspondent... so far away and in another life
that it is highly unlikely we will ever meet. A mentor.

Somehow he has unwrapped me.

Somehow he has allowed me to be vulnerable in my own time.

Now I am opened to him, exposed.

and I don't know how I feel about that.


I had a note from telling me that they had linked my blog to their site under the  kink section. I always love my kinky bitch side..

Anyway... I went and had a look and it seem like the gang's all there..all of my contacts and more. So the banner and link to the Love  Boudoir site is over on the right..go and have a look if you want. All the fantastic blogs we like to read.

No looking back

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