Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the joy of nipples

I have a confession, something I have known but never told, never admitted. I have never been a fan of the play of nipples!  I hear each gasp of the small audience who fly by the journal of my inner she. Fear not, I have another confession. I have never actually tried anything nippley. Hub has never offered (ordered...sigh) and I have never asked!

So with this in mind, how could I possibly know I was adverse to the tweak, the bite, the twist or the pull. Sensitive nipples and the fear of pain at the lightest squeeze I guess.

Tonight however all that has changed. Tonight I begged for my nipples to be tortured, twisted, pulled and abused. Be careful what you wish for...

I was particularly needy tonight, begging for anything and everything. I begged for my bottom to be abused, I begged to be fucked, I begged for my bottom to be spanked hard and I begged to masturbate...then they just fell out of me. Those words. He didn't ask me to beg for it but I did.

"Pleeease twist, Pleeease pull, pleeeease hurt my nipples"

I was as surprised as he was and he obliged willingly and enthusiastically. What a wonderful husband.

I came like the roaring forties, thoughts of "Cum for Daddy" in my head as those nipples were exercised. I hadn't ever seen them stretched to that long in my life. Twisting, pulling, jiggling, pinching...little squeals of delight and pain. Delicious.

So now as I sit here with nipples glowing pink and a little painful, here's the question..I think it's time for nipple clamps, but before someone decides for me (hello Daddy), I hope to gain some insight from the experts among you..I know some of you are out there...give me some advice...'Nipple Clamps for Dummies', 'Nipple clamps 101' or 'Nipple clamps for beginners and princesses'.


  1. Start with a nice little pair of tweezer clamps, or an adjustable set with the little screws. Stay away from the clover clamps, I repeat, STAY AWAY FROM THE CLOVER CLAMPS.

    Leave those later, after you become comfortable with the whole thing. Don't leave them on for very long either. :) That line form oyu nipples to oyur clit is pretty dang amazing, eh? Glad you dicovered the connection.

  2. A straight forward and easy way to start is with a simple pair of wooden (or plastic) clothespins/pegs. You can put them on straight on of sideways, experiment.

    One thing to watch for, when you take them off and expect instant relief, beware, when the blood rushes back in you will sting like crazy.

  3. I, too, am in need of some nipple clamps. I keep meaning to get some... I think I would like them but I almost wonder if S would like them because he likes to get a mouthful when he wants one! ;o)

  4. hmm now there's some expert advice...mental note..don't even find out WHAT clover clamps are!(thanks little monkey).
    Clothes pins / pegs..I have had little experience with these but not on my nipples! and yes David..stingy stingy..hurty hurty(and that's just putting the clothes on the line!)
    Mikki - yes mouthful of metal / wood /any other material when S is expecting inviting flesh, I see your point.

    Any others? and I'm not even going to ask about clover clamps, as innocent and happily leprecaurnish as they sound ;)

  5. Like monkey said, the tweezer ones are the kind I like and have. They work on different size nipples, where as the alligator type with the adjustable screw doesn't fit on bigger nipples very well. Good luck and have fun. Let us know how it works out. I loved hearing about your first experience with nipple torture.


  6. Keep sharing your adventures in nipple play now that you have taken the first step. I am sure he will want to continue playing with them.


  7. I second, third, whatever number the use of clothespins at first. The wood ones have a lighter grip than the plastic for sure. You can loosen the spring and it will be a lighter grip. And they are cheap.

    As for nipples I have the opposite issue. They aren't sensitive at all. They have to be pinched,pulled, twisted and tweaked for me to feel anything from them. And I HATE clover clamps. They hurt.

  8. I love nipple torture! Any kind! Clamps, fingers, pins. My husband even bought these clamps that tighten and have a little battery inside each one with a very strong vibrator. They make me fly through the roof. :)

    But my best recommedation would be to go to Walmart and get a snakebite kit from the sporting goods section. The yellow plastic suction cups are pure heaven.


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