Sunday, September 11, 2011

in the end...a question

One thing that troubles me, that makes me wonder about TTWD and the dynamic of giving yourself completely to another's what happens when it ends?

There have been a few blogs usually by submissive women that for what ever reason have parted from their Dom, their Master, their Daddy (sharp breath). Some women pour out their hearts in text and they are broken, crumpled.

A question I have always struggled with and wondered about. What happens in the end, if there is an end?

A submissive is asked to give everything to her / his Dom(me). Everything, all control. All control is given, all decision making in some cases and there are those examples of financial submission. Submission in this way, in my view, changes who we once were. A journey of discovery and learning but also change.  So in the end is there any responsibility for a D to transition out of the relationship. To make sure that their former sub will be OK emotionally; to know how they should navigate the financial predicament they may find themselves in? After all a D has led his s here to this place.

I acknowledge that there are degrees of submission and these are negotiated between a D and their s. So a split or ending may not be as complex as I imagine. Interesting to ponder though. I see a few blogs with sub women in this situation and they are emotionally fragile. It could be argued that this is a condition of all relationship breakdowns whether vanilla or TTWD, but is there a difference, when all control has been handed to your Dom? Is there a responsibility for a Dom to protect their sub from harm while transitioning out of a relationship...or is the clean break the best way?

Your thoughts?


  1. Timely blog no doubt! As for me, i have been taking care of "things" for myself for a very long time, and even when things ended, i am always and will always be able to pick up the ball and run with it! I think often submissive women are viewed as weak or incapable... and i think that is a total fallacy! It takes so very much strength and courage... Just my humble opinion of course : )

  2. I have been married for 16 years, and the first 15 I could have been divorced and not skipped a beat. We found ttwd and I'm not so sure how I would be now. Financially I'd be ok because I work... but emotionally... being submissive means giving all freely and willingly... I would probably be raw for a while.

    Would he be responsible for making sure that I am ok? Probably not... only because this is a free country and we are able to come and go as we please.

    We have a good life. He gets dinner when he comes home... clean house... clean clothes... clean kids... lots of loving in and out of the bed. I have told him that if he ever finds the need to go somewhere else, to break it off first instead of cheating, and to jump right smack in the middle of it because that package would have to be pretty rockin' to beat what he has at home.

    Sorry... hope you weren't looking for a concise answer! LOL


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