Friday, September 9, 2011

fantasy for Sir

I thought all day as I rushed around with errands. What is a fantasy of mine other than to be owned completely and all that might mean?

I have always dreamed about being tied, bound in some way and used in what ever way a stranger might use me. Alone in my bed, sleeping and enter a stranger, a trusted stranger. Earlier he has instructed me how I must be waiting. Naked, asleep, and with some devices that may be used for binding, scarves, rope, any other things that might be useful I have been told to get together in anticipation.

Asleep, a hand goes tight over my mouth, hand to my mound, "quiet" whispers a deep voice gruffly, fingers probing into my quickly moistened warmth

A jangle of metal buckles as leather cuffs are tightened around my ankles and wrists...a collar around my neck...the clink of metal fasteners wrists to ankle..his hand twisting through my hair pulling my head back.

Then, that sound..the belt buckle undone, the whoosh of the leather through belt loops....finally the sting, the kiss of leather on my presented bottom. The anxiety of the first time, letting go in trust.
I had only 20 minutes before I wasn't alone...I flew into my bedroom ripped my jeans and panties with pink dots down to my knees. I didn't bother removing my t shirt and pink lace bra. I kicked my strappy black sandals off.

I  reached into my side cupboard for my little purple beast hoping like hell it would be's been so long since I have dived into my vibrator bag.
As luck would have it, it was buzzing...onto my clit and inside my pussy it slid. A little wet but not too much...soon changing with the touch of the vibe.

I was building quickly, very quickly, playing my fantasy in my head. Meeting for the first time. The anxiety, trepidation.

Then a wicked idea came to me...  I wonder if the other vibrator has a battery in it? ;)
I rolled to the cupboard next to my bed leaving the first vibrator in place to do its work and found with delight the other vibrator did indeed have some life in it!...a little lubricant and this one slid with a little effort into my waiting, aching pink puckered bottom. I felt very dirty, very wicked and very slutty...and so relieved.

Building to waves of ecstasy I let go, not too loud, just quietly intense. It was very nice. I touched my engorged little button and thought, mmm I think I need to do this again. Almost immediately I came again.

I felt my she returning. The delicious little whore wiggling her arse again.

With a rush and a flurry and a very fuzzy brain I leaped to my feet (I would have rather had a sleep) and dressed, giggling at my wickedness. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my hair was definitely reminiscent of the girl who has been fucked. Covering one eye..the other eye was dreamy looking. My face looked as mushy as my head felt. I had that look about me that I love..satisfied and just fucked.

I thought I should take a photo of this look for and laughed at myself..maybe one day..

X enjoy 

zzz - Dean Yeagle

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