Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello Sir

I have returned after exercise and showered. I did not dress as requested, and finished some household chores, took breakfast and now ...

I sit on the floor, my legs wide, bent at the knees my feet either side of the laptop, on display for you. This position reminds me of Schroeder as he sits at his toy piano in the Charlie brown series I loved when I was a much littler girl. My breasts hang squeezed between my arms as I type. My nipples a little erect and I'm not really sure if that's the cold or the excitement I feel at the moment.

I feel the chill of the spring air. The sky is blue through the three open windows and the sun is returning after the long winter.

My hair hangs in wet waves to just past my shoulders and I stroke the skin of my bare legs down to my toes and up again to my inner thighs, lingering for just a moment on my displayed pussy. Trying not to be distracted...back to the task at hand! 


I want to submit.
I need to submit.
I want to bend to you.
Bow to your will.
Please will you accept my submission to you.
To be guided, to be held, to be subdued by your strength, by your calmness and surety.
Please will you to take my control from me to your own control.
Teach, train or mentor me in any way you choose.
Take pleasure from me and in me.
Let me submit and serve.
Let me call you Sir, my Daddy, to have me for whatever you see I need.
Let me sit naked at your feet, my head on your knee.
I trust you in all these things.
(artist unknown to me, if anyone knows please let me know for proper acknowledgement)

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