Thursday, September 1, 2011


A mentor, the delicious little whore is considering such. Maybe the next step. To learn, to be guided.

I went back and did some fact I read my whole blog...I write about sex frequently don't I? Apologies for the gratuitous sex posts - just inspired I guess.

The posts have been good for me. They have reminded me just how far my journey has come and that my husband has travelled the road with me to a certain extent. I had not realised just how much.

Beckmann - Siesta
I have been cradling him  over the last little while. He is not in the same place he was earlier in what appeared to become 'our' journey. I must care for him. He will return to himself but right now he is not. I am accepting that he is not who I need him to be and will likely never be that man. I love him and my acceptance of his place in fulfilling my needs has made me calm (at least for now...I change a lot!)

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  1. You and I have similar issues, i guess everyone does to some extent. Acceptance is a powerful but transient thing.


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