Friday, August 19, 2011

musings on my direction..evolution

In May 2010 I mused on my direction. I was encourage to go back and read it having directed a recent correspondent to it.

There has been an evolution that I had not realised had taken place.
I have learned a lot.
The hurt my husband caused me has dulled.
I have come closer to an understanding of my submission and how I need to express it.
I remain cautious but am no longer fearful of the words.
I am not afraid of 'submit' and 'owned'.
They feel natural to me now though I have never been owned and who knows if I will have that opportunity.
"The One" never
I remain untouched by another man.
Uncontrolled by a Dom man.
I am still a coward when it comes to moving outside my relationship for this in the ever lovin' flesh.

I thought there had been no change in me, but reading my second post ever I now know there has been.
The world begins to open up to me.
I am trusting more easily.

Daddy...Please :)
I am a Daddy's girl, a princess whore and finally freed to follow my bliss (and such a drama queen :))

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  1. We all go through changes. We all evolve the more we move through this dynamic and lifestyle. Sometimes the changes are huge and noticeable, while other times they are subtle and only noticed when we take the time to stop and look back. Change can be good. Acceptance of this and who you are is fantastic. Enjoy it and try not to fight it. Let the evolution continue. My guess is you will be more happy for doing so.



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