Thursday, June 9, 2011

mish mash

My delicious little whore is restless..but then she always is!

Time and life are not my own and my girl is suppressed, trodden, a little melancholy and missing her Daddy.

So while I have been away from my thoughts, I am aware of the girl, the delicious little whore struggling.

There hasn't been a time like this in some time. Study, work family are all converging to keep the girl under wraps.

I feel the submissive in me withering.

I need a Sir, a Daddy, a Man.

Someone who will nourish the Precious Little Whore.


Discerning Dom wrote about serving two...

A thought provoking and multifaceted view of that scenario...for me? I'm greedy and I'd like to try.

The arguments for and against are well though out in DD's post, Can she Obey Two? It would be very nice to think so..the thrill of two men. Submission to two. Property in joint ownership. One answering what the other does not. Two sides of the same coin. The stuff of fantasy and day dream. But what does He and He get out of it?

I am an avid reader of that blog. DD's thoughts often feel as familiar to me as my own.

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  1. Glad to see you are back with us. I thought we lost you. You are a naughty little whore, though, aren't you? I agree that DD has an excellent blog--I always enjoy his thought provoking comments too.


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