Sunday, May 29, 2011

a little thought...he is blameless

Coming back, but busy.

Thanks for all the comments to my last post...
There was a lot of talking here. Calm and loving and life is thank you to all who cared to comment.

Today I received a message. Not a particularly nice one.

"Leave my husband have already ruined my family!!!!"

A funny kind of comment as I have not been within coo-ee of another woman's husband and most certainly not this messengers husband! Maybe mistaken identity. Oh, I have chatted to husbands but never have I let anyone believe I would meet them or seek to be anything to them more than a flirty chatter. All very light-on really.

But the message made me think. I have been the wounded wife so I understood her message and her hurt. I understood her need to fight and frankly, I am happy for her to blame me, the Scarlett woman, if it helps her think of her husband as blameless. But it did make me think nonetheless, that he is not blameless and nor is she. We have all to accept responsibility for our actions. We ought all grow up and cherish the ones that we love. We ought give them what they need if avoidance of them seeking something else or someone else is what we want.

Monogamy may be overrated or at least impossible to achieve. I don't really of life's mysteries to me. I know that I have achieved fidelity so far, my husband has not. He is not blameless and nor am I.

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