Thursday, April 14, 2011

thoughts of collarDOM

I have been thinking about a collar. I have been reading a little bit about this issue over the last few months and formed opinions of the life of a collar, of the meaning of a collar and always thought it wasn't for me.

I'm not huge on humiliation I think, but one girl's humiliation is another girl's everydayness. That is to say, an act that makes one woman feel humiliated, might not be so for another.

I find the thought of a collar so humiliating I haven't been able think of the possibility of ever 'being collared'. (I hear your gasps and exclamations from here and I think I have said before I don't see myself as a very good submissive woman, just a novice one really. So hold those horses at bay people). I haven't ever though that my husband would be in a place where he would think that this is an option either.

Thoughts of collarDOM have been floating through the delicious little whore's head lately, and she has noticed that the thought of a collar has not been so abhorrent to her...hmmm, interesting.

I have thought about what a collar might mean. The symbolic nature of a piece of leather, a chain or such, that is placed almost ceremoniously around the neck of a willing submissive. To me, at its core, it means commitment and ownership.

Then I think further..hmmm commitment...does that mean the delicious little whore will never be able to flirt again? Raise her head? Wiggle her delightful arse? Tragedy! Finally embracing her sexuality and the power that sexuality has brought only have it stifled by a piece of leather. Then...ownership...yes she quite likes that idea, but he is not at that place yet, though he is beginning to embrace more of this need in her.

So I opened the subject last night. Planted the seed. "What are your thoughts about a collar?"

He concluded that he had never really thought about the idea, but that he quite liked it now that he thought about it. (well that's a positive thing...thought the delicious little whore :) ).

So the seed is planted, naughty little bottom doing the top thing...*twinkle in the eye*, but still not really knowing if collarDOM is for her. She supposes though, if it comes down to it, she will melt deeper into her submission if he ever decides to collar her.


  1. If he decides to collar you, I think you will feel very submissive. And he can even have an everyday collar at home and one that looks like a nice necklace or choker to wear when you are out of the house and nobody will suspect what it means. Will be interesting to see if he does collar you.


  2. I have one, I've worn one, but it was a game to him. He hasn't thought about "collaring" me. Just playing, so far.
    It was humiliating, a bit.. but that was surprisingly comfortable after the first shock was over. We'll see...

    I'll be very interested in how your story turns out.

  3. FD - I suspect you are right, part of me would like to feel that, that greater part of! One day..maybe.

    Little monkey - I think the fun side of it is how my husband will be thinking...hmmm, leaving me a little free to do some that wrong?! ;-)

  4. lpo--my lizard wears her collar for play time only. She understands what it means. I would like her to wear it full time. Maybe some day. In the meantime, I think it's great that you opened the subject with him, and in a submissive way. Well, maybe not THAT submissive.

  5. I want My slut to wear my collar someday. She said she wasn't interested, but that was awhile ago when I asked her and things have changed a lot since then. So maybe, you never know. I hope he does decide to collar you and you enjoy it a lot.


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