Saturday, April 23, 2011

the note

It lay on the floor by her chair. She saw it, her husband had not. Had he dropped it there as he left the restaurant? He had left her in a frenzy. An encounter that she had not ever foreseen. She was safe she thought. Her play could never become real, he was in a far away place, with another life, in another world.

She had built her little flirtation carefully to avoid the messiness of an encounter. She was happy, for the most part with her husband. Loving him and he her. The stranger offered her a heat that she had not previously experienced. He was self assured, he demanded from her things that made her blood quicken. He made her breathless with an anticipation that encouraged physical responses in her over which she had no control. One word on the computer screen could make her wet for the entire day.

She had received a message that led her here tonight and led her to the feverish encounter in the men's bathroom. He had travelled to where she lived, business she supposed, but she never thought further than the possibility that he might summon her. That he might expect from her the things from which she thought she was immune. She knew she was powerless to refuse him and she hoped he did not know it too.

She scooped up the note and buried it in her purse. She mumble something in answer to her husbands query, "Just a receipt that must have fallen from my purse."

She looked into her husband's eyes wondering if he would question this further, after all any woman would realise that it was unlikely that she would have a shopping receipt in her evening bag. She was grateful for the low soft lighting of the restaurant. She hoped it would hide the flush in her cheeks. The tell that her husband knew well. The tell of an orgasm. The tell in her poker face.

She had been on tenterhooks. He had come to the restaurant and sat at the table in front of her. He sat facing her. She flushed and almost immediately she felt the heat build between her thighs. She wore no panties and a dress as he had asked. She felt her nipples harden as she caught the
strangers eyes falling to her legs. Could he see? Surely it was too dark. She had a compulsion to open her knees to make sure he could see. She secretly longed for him to see. She was glistening she supposed, she could feel the tingle.

He sat never taking his eyes off her. She felt the burn of his stare so keenly she could barely hear what her husband was saying to her.  Her stranger had gone to the back of the restaurant, his glance beckoned to her to follow. She rose from the table.

He propelled her forward into the men's bathroom, pushing her against the wall of an empty cubicle. He towered over her with not a word passing from his lips. She longed to hear his voice. His hand searched between her thighs. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. She felt the immediate shame that he had found how completely ready for him she was. He had found her secret.

His mouth took hers, his fingers probed her fleshy wetness, his other hand moved to her throat. She forgot her fear of being discovered. The possibility her husband might take her absence as an opportunity to visit the men's room became a distant and hazy thought. She felt the build of her orgasm and wanted so much to cum for the stranger. She wanted to be his, to be fucked in this place. She heard herself beg him to fuck her. At almost the same moment his cock forced its way into her depths. He fucked her hard as she came for him. Her cunt clenching around him as though she would never let him go. His body stiffened against her as he marked her, owning her completely.

She collapsed into him momentarily before he left her. Standing alone, dizzy, dripping with his cum in the men's room. A sudden realisation that she would be seen as she came out made her hastily clean herself, but not so much as to wipe him away entirely. She saw the flush in her face reflected in the mirror and tried to steady her breath. She passed through the door and caught the surprised look of another stranger entering, almost bumping into him as she hurried to get out of the bathroom. He knew too..she knew he was written all over her face, she smelled of the strangers sex. She blushed with embarrassment.

Now all she could think about was the small piece of paper in her evening bag. Her husbands words were distant.

Did he know too?

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  1. That's a smoking hot post. Got me thinking some cray thougs. My you certainly have a wicked imagination, don't you?


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