Wednesday, April 27, 2011

be careful what you wish for...

My husband surprised me the other night (again! LOL)

He asked me if I wanted to hear his fantasy.

We were at a restaurant, nice food, great wine, NO family.

I looked at him but didn't answer and I just knew there was a glint in my eye.

He relayed his 'fantasy'. A pub, another man, a hotel room, me and him watching...orchestrating. His fantasy involved my mouth and the cock of another man.

When I recovered from my OMG moment, I remained speechless! All these years he has been almost insecure about sharing me with a man. He has always been quite excited about the thought of another woman and me (I understand this is quite a common fantasy for a lot of men) but to share me with another man..well he has always been quite opposed.

To top it all off and to illustrate the 'be careful what you wish for' moment, it began to dawn on me that this was no idle fantasy. It was not a scene that would remain in his imagination. It began to dawn on me that he wanted this to actually happen.

Now it remains with me to recover from the shock of his revelation. All these months of  the drip drip drip approach to my journey with him. Now it seems, confronted with the reality of his permission, something I have always thought I wanted, the OMG in me is bringing with it a not insignificant amount of anxiety, albeit with a little excitement at the possibility. Still, a voice inside me is also calling, 'whoa Nellie!'.

Oh yes! Be careful what you wish for thinks the delicious little whore as she  smacks her lips and bites her bottom lip.


  1. Sounds like a dream come true! I hope you get his wish...strange coincidence after your last post about another man coming to visit you from out of town.

  2. well NDT...its got me a little off balance! I find myself retreating to think about this latest revelation. careful what you wish for ;)


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