Sunday, March 13, 2011

sex and the sequoias

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
 A bright sunny day, it was going to be hot. An early bicycle ride in the national park. We rode for kilometres to the edge of the park.

At the cherry plantation planted earlier last century we got off our bikes and began to walk.

There was an inviting and shaded path reaching up further into the bush. Looking at each other silently we decided to follow it. We had no water, no gear other than a backpack with and camera and keys.

He walked behind me, propelling me firmly forward.

"That bare neck, just wanting to be held, to be directed." He placed his hand firmly on the nape of my sweaty neck and gripped the tresses of blond curls as they fell soft and wet with perspiration. He guided me along the path through the bush until we came to a clearing surround by an avenue of trees. Sequoias, tall and strong making the clearing cool.

I listened to the sounds of birds near and distant, the wind through the trees, the leaves slapping against each other..not a rumble of even distant traffic. 

He pulled me too him. His hand on the nape of my neck pressing me into him. His other hand slid to my breast and through my light cotton top pressed squeezed and kneaded it causing not an insignificant amount of pain. I took a breath quickly as he drew my mouth into his, his tongue probing inside my mouth. I melted, tingling, my pussy responding with little explosions of delight.

He guided me further down to the far end of the clearing, to a post and wire fence that sliced through the bush, heralding the end of the national park. Beyond was virgin bush.

From behind me his hand reached around my throat, fingers stretching to probe my mouth, his other hand slid down my pants and into my panties finding my clit already wet from the heat that flowed from my excited pussy. His lips touched the edge of my ear and his hot breath made me tremble as he spoke those words, "You are my little slut, my hot little whore aren't you?" 

I nodded while my eyes tried to fight rolling back in my head, darting around the bush instead. Was anyone watching? We were in such a public place. We wouldn't see anyone until they were on top of us the bush was so thick here. 

His low growl reverberated in my ear as he pulled my pants and panties down in one sure move.

"Get on your knees".

My eyes flew to his. Was he kidding? Was this real? What has got into him?

"On your knees now". 

Without further hesitation I dropped to my knees as he pulled his hard hot throbbing cock from his pants and guided it forcefully into my mouth. He fucked my mouth while I forgot myself, my trepidation falling away. My nervousness about getting caught seemed swallowed up as his pre-cum mixed with my saliva and oozed from the corners of my mouth and dripped from my chin.

He pulled out of my throat, spun me around and bent me over on hands and knees. Kneeling behind me, he thrust my knees apart with his to receive his cock all the way to the hilt in one forceful movement. He pulled my hair while fucked and thrust and reamed me hard. His strong fingers dug into my flesh, squeezing and twisting it until I yelped with the pain.

He groaned his pleasure as he came inside me. 

"Good girl...pull your pants up and feel my cum on your thighs".

He led me out of the clearing as I wiped the pre-cum from my face and mouth and felt his cum dripping down my thighs.

He was finding his way and leading me behind him.


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