Monday, March 21, 2011


Naughty knotty little monkey posed the question how much is too much? referring to marking, sporting the evidence of a good session's frolic on sub skin.

I have read the answers with much interest but not weighed in myself as I am so inexperienced I have no idea just how much is too much. I suspect though that I would not make a very good pain slut. Whilst revelling in the feeling of constraint and restraint, I do tend to squeal quite loudly at points in the proceedings when I am sure that most other confessed submissive women or men might say..."You call that a spanking, Sir".

This is a long winded way of saying I woke this morning and whilst doing my hair..aka trying to tame the witch into the smooth silky locks of the princess in the tower, I noticed reflected in the mirror marks on my neck and throat. Hmmm! I gasped at the blood blisters and finger tip marks. Then an extraordinary feeling travelled through me. The corners of my mouth turned up, my eyes brightened and I giggled "How much is too much Lulu?". 


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