Friday, March 11, 2011

he leads

The time: tonight after dinner
via lovedandled

The place: the wine bar

The happening: I sat on the couch and he asked if I was ready to go. The wine had diluted my stress, I felt floaty and didn't care when or where we went...

him: I should get you home.
me: *absent minded* mmmhmmm
him: rising to his feet.
me: distracted, beginning to watch and take notice of a lovely music video on the wall...remained sitting.
him: get up now please ...a stern and I mean it tone and manner.

I flashed a quizzical look at him, surprised and sizing up his meaning..he meant it, he didn't smile, he didn't feel silly, no evidence of that..

I felt my body respond, tremble, my nipples react, my pussy clench...
I picked up my bag and rose to my feet never removing my gaze from his eyes. He took my hand and led me away.


  1. Please forgive me if this comes off as preachy - it is advice that many, many people gave me, over and over again, when i was just discovering myself and waiting/hoping/yearning for my husband to figure out how it could all work for him. I had it bad - sub frenzy, completely obsessed, and swingng back and forth between wanting everything i had read about or gotten a taste of, and despairing of any of it working out. He steadfastly did everything he did - his way, his speed, his pace. It was often infuriating, discouraging, all that. But in the end, it really was the best way, the only way for me really believe in him. What he does and the way he does it isn't what i had in mind or thought i wanted, but in the end - i want him to lead, so where he goes, i follow. i also found that when i stopped pushing for my way were the times he listened best and heard what i felt i needed. I really hope you two find a way that is yours.

  2. GG
    many thanks..i appreciate your words.


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