Monday, February 14, 2011

submissive type test - a longitudinal gap ananlysis

A bit of fun..I repeated the submissive type test (the result from July 2010 are below these) not sure I agree with any of the results though having carefully read the results of the second maybe they are a little more accurate..I have just never defined myself with the word slave, it seems more committed than I feel, but we all grow don't we!

Your result for The submissive type Test ...


You scored 50% Humiliation, 53% Submissiveness, 75% Service, and 46% Pain!

You're the slave, (LOL). You scored high in both submissiveness and service, you probably want to be owned by someone, you feel the need to relinquish your power over to someone else and to service him. You are the ideal partner for 24/7 Owner/slave relationships, whether you like or dislike pain is a matter of taste, hence with humiliation, but I would bet that the chances are you enjoy them sometimes but the most important thing is whether your Dom will enjoy doing those things to you.

And in July 2010....

Your result for The submissive type Test ...

Kinky Submissive

You scored 30% Humiliation, 43% Submissiveness, 43% Service, and 62% Pain!

You're the kinky submissive, you scored relatively low in both submissiveness and service meaning you scored high on either pain or humiliation. You're into bdsm for either the pain or the humiliation, or both! You don't value highly the need to service a Dom or the need to feel conrolled, what you want is either a scene with pain in it, or humiliation, either way you'd probably be more comfortable in a relationship with a Dom in which you meet for the scene, and no very long term scenes. Also scening with your vanilla partner is a valid option, you could have alot of fun that way, more than the regular sex. You're just kinky :)

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