Saturday, February 19, 2011

masturbation & my addiction

Prayer, 1930,  Man Ray

I returned from tea with a friend, logged on and there it was, something I had not seen before, something from him, that addiction in my psyche. The one that had wriggled under my skin and continues to tickle no matter for how long he disappears.

There was this *kiss*, he had left after I logged off. At that quite unsual message from him, I rose immediately in an endeavour to achieve what he had asked me to do. I was to go to the bathroom and cum, with him in my head, fucking my mind just as he always does and then to report back to him, so at my first opportunity here I am.

The click of the lock on the bathroom door echoed on the cold tiles. I squatted, my little bullet I had grabbed immediately moving to my clit. My little pink bullet can make me cum in double time and i didn't have long. My husband would be home in 10 minutes, maybe less. The heat in me began to rise, flowing from my clit to my toes. I had not felt this feeling with anything else. The bullet hit the proverbial spot and I drank up the feeling. My mind drifted to the urgency with which I had to complete my task and as I tried to listen for the car I let go that feeling building!

I stood, the feeling, the heat, the wetness returned. I pushed my husband from my mind and pulled my addiction to me. I drew him into my mind where he bent me, forced his fingers into me and fucked my dripping wet cunt. I was breathless, hot and needy. Needy for my addiction. In a flash of white heat I felt myself cumming hard, I could feel my cum sqirting. Sometimes when this happens, I am so surprised by it, I want to stop it, but today I did not. I wanted to squirt for my addiction. I wanted to be sodden for him as he invaded my head. Tippy toes, cumming, eyes closed and squirting on the floor. I wished he were in this small cold room, fucking me, hard, hot and roughly.

Exhausted, panting, on my knees. Mopping the floor, quickly, my husband pulling into the drive..I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of my addiction. I won't give it up though, this addiction. It will live in my psyche when I am old.

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