Monday, February 14, 2011

Growing slowly through spank

A weekend away is just what we needed. It was this weekend just passed that my husband became more attached to the art of spanking.

I have been on a low really, losing hope that he will delight in this new world. I was becoming convinced he sees it as another of my 'phases'. In fact I have questioned this myself. I am guilty of being inconstant in some areas of life, usually harmless things like furniture fashion and dress. It's for this reason I don't allow myself to spend huge sums of money on desirable objects. 

On Saturday however he summoned me to him. On the the bed he had layed out some toys that I had earlier packed in haste (and in hope) for our weekend away. Leather wrist and ankle restraints with the dangling, bright, metal hardware, always my favourite. Vibrators (all four in fact)! I had grabbed the vibrator bag with ALL the vibrators. The black leather flogger lay taunting me and also present in the neat line was the book I had been reading. It was an ordinary paperback..but it's title, Shiver, certainly sent one through me. He told me to undress and placing his hand on the back of my neck bent me forward over the end of the bed. I bent, resting my elbows and forearms on the pink duna quilt and admired the ocean view through the huge ceiling to floor window. We had taken a house on the beach and left the semblance of family behind...alone, he began to take advantage.

I was surprised, to say the least, when the first blow landed. It was hard! It was delivered with surety and vigour. It was delivered with my book!! It felt fantastic and propelled me forward almost to lay me outstretched on the bed. The blows continued rhythmically and were surprisingly confident under his hand. I had not felt that level of confidence from him before. I did yelp a bit. He did not start off low and slow, he got right to it. Up and down my bottom with that book. Alternating with his hand which smoothed and soothed over the stinging redness. I turned to look over my shoulder, in awe and saw also how completely aroused he was. "I love this beautiful red glowing skin," he said not looking up from his view of my bottom.

He was experimenting with timings and strength, with position. His blows went for a longer time than he had ever spent. He put my book down eventually and picked up the flogger. What a different sensation that stung my bottom now. I had enjoyed Shiver. It connected with my bottom and sent the force of the blow rippling in waves through my pussy and then my body. Is this perhaps what a paddle feels like...hmmm we will have to invest! The flogger stung, especially on already reddened skin. It was a only a short time before he returned to Shiver. I was thankful, I really have discovered a shape I like. It is only a paperback though...I can't imagine how something harder might feel..but with my husbands delight in the discovery he had made the other day, I hope it won't be long before I find out!

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