Friday, February 11, 2011

face slapping

A Kind Dom raised the question in his most recent post about face slapping. I love reading, it provokes such personal questions for me. I enjoyed reading the comment opinions of others and how they feel about face slapping. Opinion overall was heavily weighted on the face slap as an intensely personal experience and for a cheek to be offered and turned only to a deeply trusted individual.

I probably share this opinion. My memory wanders back to an old TV episode of M.A.S.H. The wonderful black comedy film made popular by a ten or so year run on the small screen and repeated ad nauseum in the following 30 yrs. In a comic moment two of the most comical characters, Major Frank "ferret face" Burns and Major Margaret "hot lips" Houlahan  (hmmm I am surprised I remember this in such detail..what was I doing in the 70's, clearly not drugs!). Anyway I digress. In one of their on again off again moments, Margaret, laying on her army cot as Frank leaned pleadingly over her, was complaining about Frank's long steady loyalty and his wife('s position and money). At one point Margaret slapped Frank on his cheek and in split second of reactionary and non-thinking timing, Frank returned by slapping Margaret sharply on her cheek. Margaret gasped, then delightedly, her eyes went wide, an excited look came over her face as she exclaimed breathlessly "oh Frank" and they fell into an excited and frenetic embrace. Your guess is as good as mine regarding what happened next..a family friendly time slot demanded a fade to black.

Of course this is a comical moment but one that describes just a little of the range of emotions I feel when my face is slapped. Like the majority of comment in the original post, I agree that the act is intensely personal for me. I am not sure that I could accept it easily from a man not completely and deeply trusted.

I cannot understate though how much I love the face slap. What a way to get my attention, to bring waves of vulnerability rushing though my mind and body. It has an immediate effect, tears well in my eyes but I crave more. The emotional aspects of the face slap are what i seek in this whole experience..hmm i wonder what Freud would make of that one. Some rubbish about masochism and inverted sadism I suspect.

Anyway, the face slap, I love it but it does require skill. I am not fond of the bone shattering slap. The slap that connects far too much with bone and rumbles through my head almost threatening the integrity of the nearest zygomatic bone. The inverse proportions in the size of his hand to the size of my face make this skill necessary to prevent really injury. He never plays very hard with my face though (and not nearly enough).

It remains a fact..I love the face slap.

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