Thursday, February 17, 2011

drifting & connecting

A newer connection is taking up some time.

My husband / partner  / lover have drifted lately. Drifting in the opposite direction. Life has become hectic. Work and family commitments draining both of us. I have allowed my head to be turned to another's attention. A connection only online but this is probably the most dangerous liaison I have ever allowed into my little world. A man in the same country, albeit another city. A man who can reach me.

I have been careful to not make connections that have any chance of becoming a threat to my 'real' offline relationship. While I wait for my love to discover me, to come on this journey with me, to lead me, the need in me grows exponentially. The ache becomes a need. Time ticks slowly when that need is not fed. So in weakness I allow another to take me on a journey and what an interesting journey it is! There's those 'hell's bell's' moments...what the *&%#@ am I getting myself into? But its like a car crash where I can't look away.  

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  1. Be very careful. I flirted with this...was involved for a VERY SHORT time, really no time at all. But a very experienced Dom can create a connection in you, a need much more intense, than you would think. My husband shut it down when he realized how involved I was so quickly becoming. I know it is one of the hardest things for you to do, but try and wait for your hubby to catch up. I still find myself longing to be involved with Sir online again. It's a very uncomfortable position to be in. I want to follow W's directives, but the lure of Sir is, well...still so potent. Just be careful, you could end up badly hurt.


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