Monday, January 10, 2011

last night

I left the panties I had worn today on his pillow. Layed out. A present for him on his return. He beckoned me, I wasn't ready for bed, working in another room. I came to him, questioning him with my eyes.

"Hands above your head"

He slid the zip on the side of my summer cotton dress down and lifted it up over my hips to reveal my naked bottom and pussy. He pulled it up over my head and as the soft material fell at my feet, his arms wrapped their warm strength around me. He pressed my back to his chest and I felt his hard heat snuggling to rest between my bottom cheeks and reach to the small of my back. His fingers clutched hard at my breasts his warm palms pressing them to him, as if at any minute he would press them through my chest to his. His breath was hot on my neck.

He bent me over the bed with force, my face pressed with an increasing pressure into the quilt.

The  buckle on his belt made a soft jangling clink and the leather whooshed as it pulled from his waist through the trouser belt-loops. One hand rested on the small of my back, making me still, quietening me. His hands slid to my wrists, tying them quickly and tightly behind my back with the belt. He slung the length of leather around my neck and secured it to my restrained wrists. The leather around my neck became tighter when I moved my wrists, causing me to concentrate on keeping my hands and arms in one position to avoid the tightening pressure on my neck.

His hand came down with a hard smack on my cheek. My bottom reverberated and wobbled its response. Thoughts of work unfinished slipped easily from my mind as the heat gushed though my dripping pussy. We had begun...

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