Monday, January 17, 2011

fullest bloom

Summer is in its fullest bloom. The end of our holiday phase has arrived. My husband returns to work tomorrow, as I did last week. A time of attention to play and us (when respite is found from the family) is coming to a close. We took a long bike ride through summer's haze today. Hot, Breathless and with sweat dripping between my breasts and down my back, I dreamed in the sun of ice cream and the cool of the ocean. A reward at the end of our ride.

I love the heat of summer. Summer dresses and no panties. A bare woman wandering the street. Going about my shopping, chores, work and everyday-ness with warm summer breezes blowing up my soft cotton dress to kiss my emancipated and moist pussy. I am led to wonder, how many other women delight in such pleasures encouraged and sometimes demanded as a consequence of the freedoms of summer.

The things we do in the heat of the night stretching into the white haze of the day. Bare skin warmed by hot northerlies, glowing with minute droplets of salty sweat, shining in the southern light. The taste of summer fruits on our lips. Cool water to dip in, and clear air to breath. The sound of the birds dancing through the trees which bend in the gentle breeze.

Does everyone feel this all women leave their much loved panties at home pining in the draw...or is that just me?

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