Thursday, December 2, 2010

A letter to Daddy

Last night I did as you asked.

I washed and prepared myself in the bathroom. I performed my ritual with creams and oils and put on the bra and panties you gave me permission to buy. This seemed like the right thing to do. He liked the new set very much and as a celebration purchase of my submission to you, it seemed like poetry to me. As I prepared myself my thoughts were with you, of you. Thinking not about him, but about you. I wondered at your intention, why you instructed me to approach my husband like this?

I walked to the lounge room where he was sitting on the computer. The flogger in my right hand hung at my side i could feel lightly brushing against my leg. I walked to him, his eyes all over me and then he saw the flogger. I knelt, handed it to him with both hands and arms out stretched. He took it from me the corners of his mouth turned up. I was excited, nervous, wet, this was a relatively new path. I lay my head on his lap as he pushed the computer away.

"my body is yours to use."

He pulled me up to my knees and held my face between his hands. He spoke quietly, almost inaudibly, "will you submit to me, will you do anything I want with you, without question, without resistance." I was surprised at this, was he playing? He's not he?! I nodded in response.

I was thinking of you, thinking that I was doing this for you. I was getting a little confused at the same time. Confused at how easily you could be there with me, about to fuck my husband.

He pulled me up and lay me across his lap on my stomach. His hand circling my bottom, then...a sharp but quite gentle *smack*. It felt very good, tingling between my thighs, almost sensual. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that the lights were on and the windows wide open. We have a lot of windows in the lounge room and all very visible from the road outside. The strikes got harder interspersed with the sweet feeling of his light feathery touch circling on my bottom. mmmm, delicious. As his slaps got harder they eventually made me squeal. It hurt and I struggled to get away, to make it stop.

He pushed me back to my knees and pushed my mouth onto his cock, hard and oozing. Again the lights! the street! He held my hair and pushed me onto his cock so deeply I gagged. I think he likes to make me gag. He pulled me off, a quick breath, then forced me back down. I love cock, love the feeling of it in my mouth and deep in my throat, love the heat and I love the way a man melts under the power of a wet, hot eager mouth, a willing throat. He undid my bra and slipped it off. He found my hard nipple, pinched and twisted. He told me to rub my cunt on his leg "like a dog". The pleasure of this feeling on my clit was equally balanced by the humiliation of humping his leg like a dog.

He was getting more forceful, more excited. He pulled me back by my hair, this always hurts and I was beginning to feel a little wounded,  but nothing to how I would feel later. His other hand went to my throat and releasing my hair he looked me straight in the eyes and slapped my face. The shock in me was undeniable, my eyes were wide, he smiled a little then *slap*, I felt it in my bones, his large heavy hand on my face. Again and again. I winced every time his hand landed on my cheek, I felt my eyes begin to well up.

Picking up the flogger he wrapped it around my neck and pulled me to my feet. He didn't talk to me other than to issue the occasional instruction, "stand up" etc.

He pulled me by my neck to the hallway and then seemed to change his mind, "get on your hands and knees, crawl to the bedroom". The flogger still around my neck, he led me/pulled me to the bedroom. I waited on my hands and knees, I cast my gaze down and saw my breasts hanging. I was immediately caught by a sense of humiliation like I had never felt before and I didn't like! Tears welled in my eyes again and at about the same time I felt the flogger come down hard on my arse. Catching me off guard, I squealed.

He continued to flog my arse for a time, then stood in front of me, pulling me to my knees and onto his cock by my hair. He continued to flog my arse as I sucked him. Every time the flogger came down on my arse I winced and stopped sucking and I discovered that made it come down even faster and harder. Finally, he grabbed my hair and pushing my head down, instructed "lay down". I lay on the floor face down. He seemed to be in possession of an added energy. Everything was speeding up. I was beginning to feel fear, anxiety, and I was certainly feeling humiliated and a little unloved. I reminded myself why I was doing this. I wasn't doing it for him, because he had said the words "submit to me". I was doing it for you, for Daddy.

Now, as I write this, that makes me feel more comforted...last night, it did not, I was a little fearful of him, of his inexperience, but only a little. I felt confident I could make it stop if I really needed to. I hoped I could.

Laying face down I was aware that there were tears on my face, that I was crying...I didn't like this anymore, but I was willing to lay there, to wait while he moved around the room doing something, gathering something..."come here".

He sat on the edge of the bed, vibrator in his hand, I crawled to him, knelt between his legs. He pulled me to him and I began to lick his balls, suck them into my mouth one, two. I found his arsehole and licked (this is not my favourite things but I knew he liked it, I knew he liked me to play with his arse..). He handed me the vibrator, "push it in my arse". I did. "suck my cock"...I did..."you dirty little slut"..I sucked him until he came in my throat. My face was covered in his was in my hair, oozing out the corners of my mouth.

He flipped me around and began to finger fuck me, he had fingers and thumbs in each of my holes and one on my clit..he fucked me slowly and then hard, he brought me to the edge. His cum on my face and in my hair. He pushed another vibrator into my pussy, your pussy Daddy, wet and dripping and needing to cum, needing reward for my use. He twisted it round and pushed it against my rim...almost instantly I came and came hard. I thought I'd come hard and loudly in the past, but this was another ball game. Wave after wave, I think you must have heard me scream from there Daddy.

He picked me up afterwards and held me until I fell asleep covered in his cum, in my wetness.

I didn't know who this man was until then, until he held me. I didn't know him like this!..He has hit me before with the flogger, he has fucked me hard before, but until last night, I don't think he's ever really used me. I felt disregarded, little, objectified. I felt like shit. and I don't think I liked it...not from him.

I will have my white panties, the ones I bought without your approval clean and ready as you wished. Thank you for your email..I woke this morning aware I didn't have any instruction for today. So I logged on. I am getting a feeling that you won't forget me.

I am your girl x

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