Saturday, November 13, 2010

the virgin spanked

New to this deliciousness...spanking. Last night he spanked me. His hand came down hard enough to make me draw breath quickly into my lungs.

A little shocked, like the first hand received on her arse by the secretary in the film of the same name. I remember the look in her eyes as she gazed at him incredulously. There was that crossroads right then as she looked at him, still bent over, elbows on the desk; she could stand up and walk away right there and then, or she could submit. The tension at that moment was palpable and very exciting I remember.

Here it was for me, that moment of surprise. It was not likely however, that I would walk away! The excitement in me was thick with anticipation. His hand came down on my arse in between my cheeks, his fingers curling to reach my pinkness. This is where I discovered the why people loved a good spank! I felt the heat grow instantly and my juices were evident. I am usually moved quickly to arousal, even sometimes in a permanent state of arousal which can be very uncomfortable if I can't be relieved. This however cause me to be immediately aroused and quite happily dripping!

He continued with a rhythm that was almost comforting. The strokes became harder, heavier. The sting was delicious but I began to squirm, to try and get away. It was beginning to hurt!..badly. He pushed my head down, holding me by the hair. Harder, thoughts raced, I was in between needing to cum and needing him to stop.

He didn't stop though, he kept going, holding me in place, smacking my red arse until I was so wet my thighs were covered. I needed to cum desperately. He slid his fingers inside my hot wet hole. I clamped down on them, almost involuntarily but not quite. Fucking me with his fingers, spanking me with his huge hand. I realised I had stopped struggling, stopped trying to get away...and as I realise this, the wave built in me and was released almost at once. My moans turned to screams as the wave passed through every muscle in my body.

I was a spanking virgin no longer...I was a spanked slut and I became a fast convert at the temple of spank!

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