Tuesday, November 23, 2010

red lace parisienne

A quick thought to start my day..

He told me to wear the red lace Parisienne panties today.
I woke and lay in the hot near summer morning on cool cotton sheets. My thoughts drifted to him.
I rose, showered and washed my hair.

In the dimly lit bedroom, the morning light creeping around the corners of the blinds, I began my ritual.
Naked, I looked in the mirror, loving the curves and the shape of my arse, the hang of my breast.
I bent over into the draw looking for the red lace.
Pulling them out, I lay them on the corner of the bed.
I sat on the floor, as I do every morning after my shower, mixing the cream and oil in the palm of my hand.
I smoothed the mixture over my body. First my feet, calves and thighs up to the curve of my arse.
My arms and shoulders, feeling my breasts and pink nipples.
My neck and my back. This has become my ritual, my time alone.

I sat, my knees tucked under my chin, hugging them to me, deep in thought, the world racing past outside, the warm summer air drifting through the open window.

I stood, pulling the red lace Parisienne panties from their rest and pulled them on, up and over my arse. Thinking of him, as instructed (though I didn't really need that instruction). I had been thinking of him since my eyes opened.

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