Tuesday, October 5, 2010

after dinner

I cleaned the kitchen with haste but was careful to leave it spotless. The cold stone bench sparkled with smoothness and shone brightly. I loved it that way. The whole time my thighs dripped the wetness he had left me with, I could still taste myself from his fingers he had thrust into me and then into my mouth. The delicious aroma of his bitch in heat.

Every time I bent forward to wipe down the surface, I was further stirred by the ribbon pulling tightly across my arse from the suspenders I had earlier put on in a vein attempt to get some constant attention. Instead he had spanked me lightly and sent me to wash up for dinner. After dinner he had rammed his fingers in my pussy making me drip uncontrollably and demanded I clean the kitchen. But now, with the constant restriction of the suspender ribbon across my arse, with the fading sting from his hand, the taste in my mouth, I was aching for more. I was aching to come. Aching for his cock. I finished my chore quickly and well. I was sure I'd be rewarded now!

I moved t0 the lounge room where he was reading a book. I kneeled at his feet resting my head on his knee. With out lifting his eyes, his hand moved to my hair. Fingers tangling it, twisting it, pulling it. I love it when he play with my hair..when he reigns me in by it. He liked it to be kept grabable, long and loosely curled.

His book is thrown down, he pulls my hair hard, pulling me up, I slide to my feet.

"Undress...take your blouse off" I slid my blouse up over my head letting it fall to the floor at my side. The heat between my thighs grew even more intense..the whole evening it had been heightening, teasing me, frustrating me. I was wet, very wet..I wanted nothing more that to touch myself, for him, in front of him, showing him how hot he made me.

"Take everything off, show me your tits"

My hand reached around to unclasp my bra, letting it fall in front of me at my feet, at his feet. My breasts released, like the hounds baying at the moon, begging for attention, my nipples hard and erect with excitement. His hand reached to my left nipple, clasping it tightly, squeezing and twisting. My eyes began to water with the sharpness of the pain. my breath quickened and I trembled under his touch.

"Lift your skirt, I want to see my girl's sweet cunt."

Reaching down to pull the hem from above the knee to above my mound..."legs apart!"..I stepped out, anchoring my heeled feet into the floor. The gush of cool air on my precious pink flesh felt suddenly icy with the contrast of the air hitting my heat and wetness. Immediately his fingers on his unoccupied hand flew to my engorged hot slick lips...mmm. My head fell back in ecstasy and my eyes rolled further.

"Don't move!" he growled in that low tone that meant business, "don't move until I tell you to."

His fingers traced and teased my slipperiness, my breath grew short and rapid, his lips moved to my mound, his tongue darting to my slit and finding my clit too easily,...heaven had just visited my doorstep! I was so on edge, so needy that I was liable to come at any moment. I could feel it building in me, it was likely to be big , I fancied with all the anticipation and teasing tonight, bigger than any other. then...

"Don't you cum!" the low growl in his voice rose t0 my ear.

Don't come!! don't come!!! I was at once frustrated and excited surely I couldn't stop it. I had to try hard. His tongue did it's worst while I tried to detach myself from this insane pleasure between my thighs. I thought about all sorts of things, fairy floss and Ferris wheels, summer frocks and cold cold water as I virtually plunged into it. But not for long, his tongue on my clit and tracing my slick slit kept pulling me back, that pleasure, that torture, I was getting closer and how was I going to hold it back.

In one movement he rose to his full height, towering over me, pushing me down, falling to the floor squatting in front of him. Sliding his belt out of its loops his hard cock straining against his zipper. His belt lightly slapping my cheeks. One, two, gently inflicting the sting on my face. My cheeks reddened as his strokes became a little harder. My pink engorged lips growing wetter...

His hand twisted in my hair and in one movement he thrust my eager mouth onto his hot, hard cock. My tongue felt the heat and throb of him. This was my heaven, what I loved and where I felt most complete. Looking up at his eyes with his cock in my mouth. Swallowing it, caressing it with my tongue. Pressing its hard softness to the roof of my mouth. Holding my gag reflex at bay while I sucked and pulled. I reached to cradle his tightening balls in my hand. Squeezing them and loving them. My other hand circling my clit, fast, hard, bringing me closer to that edge I was not allowed to cross. My eyes watered as he pulled me deeper onto his cock. He liked to see me struggle. Sometimes I thought he might push me too far; when the struggle for breath was close to being too much and dizziness would almost over power me, he would rescue me, pull me away from his cock and allow the gasps of air to fill my lungs again. Tears rolled down my cheeks, the dizziness subsided and just before I am truely recovered he pulls me back to his cock dripping with my saliva.

Now I was getting so close, I prayed he would allow me to come. Precum and saliva mingled and dripped out the corners of my mouth, spilling down my chin, dripping onto my glistening breasts and nipples. He was getting harder still, his breath deeper as his excitement grew. His hand grasped my hair so tightly, but the pain and sense of being controlled was what I craved, and I lived for it. I existed for his cock....right here, right now, was where I belonged, and at this moment, I felt that this is what I was born for. I was going to come, I didn't know how to stop it. My mind was swimming with need. He knew how close i was, he always does.


Tears of frustration falling down my cheeks.

"I want you to take my present" his voice was softer than it had been. I loved it when he wrapped me in his softness after he had pushed me with his coldness, his command.

All at once he shot his thick hot ribbons of cum into my throat, "cum little one... cum NOW!".

I let it go, all at once, my body tensed, waves of muscle tension moved through me. My cunt tightened, I felt my self falling. He held me up by my hair, pulling me deeper onto his cock and his cum, shooting down my throat, swallowing, not wasting a precious drop. All the while my own body responding to his command, to his control. Wave after wave went through me. My mind turned to mush as it always does, no thinking, just the control he had over me, that delicious feeling of complete helplessness as he came in me, as my cum sprayed onto my fingers.

As the waves began to subside, as my life became complete in that one instant, he pulled me off his cock, leaned down to my mouth and kissed me firmly, stroking my hair.

"good girl..my girl"

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  1. What a fantastic tale you tell!! Just found your blog today and I am very much enjoying it.


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